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Alacrity’18 is a blend Techno-Cultural-Sports Events which offers everyone-everything. A fest which is solely organised by the upcoming generation who knows what the latest need of the society is. Kids, teenagers, adults and Senior Citizens all are welcome to one of the biggest celebration in town in the month of February.

  1. TECHNICAL EVENTS: Where geeks come and show what they are made of.
  2. CULTURAL EVENTS: Where each Cultural talent is welcomed with all due respect.
  3. SPORTS EVENTS: Where the sportsmen unveil their calibres.
  4. FOOD-FESTIVAL: Where cuisines from round the world will be up for grab for all foodies
  5. FUN-FAIR: Where one’s luck will be on the line.
  6. LUCKY DRAW: Where you can win Bumper prizes each day
  7. FUN-ROBOTICS: Where you deals with robots for fun.

Visiting such an event which offers such things can cause a hole in one’s pocket but what if we give to access to each and every event for a single digit entry fee.

So here’s our Single Digit Funda??

  • Cultural Pass – Rs. 100
  • Technical Pass – Rs. 100
  • Sports Pass – Rs. 100

  • If a student buys a CUTURAL PASS, worth Rs 100, he/she can participate in All the CUTURAL events once per event Same applies for Technical and Sports Events. FUN-FAIR, Food-Festival, etc. are having NO ENTRY FEES It’s OPEN for ALL Registrations Open Dates: 20th -23rd February, 2018. Limited Passes Grab them soon. See you at Alacrity’18

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    General Secretary
    • Mr.Shubham Mittal :+917756057996
    Sponsership Head
    • Mr.Jenish Karia :+918
    Faculty Coordinators:
    • Technical : Prof.K V Ranvir
    • Cultural : Prof.D A Itole
    • Sports : Prof.D S Morey




    Rs.15+ Lakhs


    60+ Events



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